Micronations (Unity)


Micronations It’s Good to be King.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, lived a family…Unhappy with the lack of civilization in their area they attempt succession against the state, declaring them as a monarchy… or rather a Micro-nation. In this unique city builder take control of your micronation, enjoy 3d graphics and an ambitious scope as you take on the tasks of keeping your micronation afloat.On the way everything might not go according to plan, some dispute the King’s claim to the throne of this newly established Micro-nation… the people of this new country may even riseagainst the monarch.Will your Micro-nation succeed?

This game was created for AVCon in 2013 as part of TafeSA’s Game Art course.
The game was developed by David Guttridge, Andrew Cowling and John M K Whitington.




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