David Guttridge

Game Artist and Solo Indie Developer Adelaide, Australia

Welcome to my official portfolio.
I've worked in video games for 4.5 years as a QA Tester and Graphics Artist.
I am very passionate about video games and game development.

My interests are political history, specifically the Ancient Neolithic and Early 20th Century periods. I am also passionate about film and enjoy such films as Barry Lyndon, Full Metal Jacket, Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Blade Runner and American Psycho. I am also very passionate about classic animation from the Disney and Warner Brothers era. I'd love to incorporate these passions into my work as I feel that most developers don't bring enough character to their art.

I am reliable and very upfront about my opinions.

Thankyou for visiting my portfolio and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Full Time Industry Experience

2 Years Kukan Studio Lead QA Tester and Graphics - Working with Electronic Arts, THQ and Team 17 on J2ME mobile titles.

2.5 Years 2Moro Mobile Lead QA Tester and Graphics - Working with Microsoft on ZuneHD games and also working on Iphone Apps for clients in Adelaide and the United Kingdom.


3 Years Deus Ex HDTP Texture Artist

1 Year Deus Ex New Vision Texture Artist

Shipped Titles

Cristiano Ronaldo Penalty! an Iphone Game for Motopia - Credited as Lead QA.


Photoshop Maya MudBox ZBrush Crazy Bump xNormals Headus Blender Unity3d UDK Fusion 2.5